A new Project

10.November 2016

In September-October 2016, I volunteered at the school, "Maasai vision", which is one of the schools of the "Africa Amini Alama".

During my time in school, I set in classes, met with teachers and talked with them about their training and their work. From observations and conversations, I realized that most of the teachers have a great motivation to teach, to help students and to personal advance. However, at the same time, there are shortages and lack of knowledge in teaching methods, of age appropriate and subject of study; they do not use advanced technologies due to the lack of recognition.

In view of the above, and according to my train, education and work in Israel, I did several training sessions for the teachers of the three schools in the areas of teaching methods, behavior modification focusing on positive behavior of pupils, use Excel and educational counseling. I was amazed to see the immediate change and improvement, and I realized that I can not stop the process which just started and I must continue with these sessions.

The purpose of the project is to significantly improve the motivation and performance of students in the three schools, through:

1. Improving the teaching methods of teachers by exposure to innovative methods practiced, as used in developed western countries

2. Focus on student's positive behavior and reward those behaviors

3. Establish a system of educational counseling to address the mental and emotional difficulties of students that hinder their achievement and behavior

 The scope of the project

The project will take place in the three AAA schools for two years, and all of the teachers in those schools, during the time of the project, will take part in it. Most of it will be by long training, remotely by sending materials, theoretical articles and presentations for the teachers. The teachers will have seminars based on the above materials. However, I would have to visit the schools about twice a year, in order to check the implementation of theoretical material, to address the problems arising from the field and adjust the Western methods to the population of student and teachers.

After two years, we will have to check if there is an improvement in student achievement, behavior and motivation, based on reports from teachers and grades of regional and national examinations.

The project focuses on training school staff and not working directly with students.

Ambition for the future – significant improvement in teachers and students' achievements that will allow the opening of a secondary school, with government support.

And here some Pictures of her last Seminar in Momella in October 2016