Reasons to celebrate in Maasai Vision!!

25.January 2016

A new school year started, all kids are in school again, the classes are all renovated and new furniture for the 5th form will arrive soon. The newest building was finished right before school started and our four dairy cows are gravid. 

But we have a marvellous reason to celebrate!! 

Every year national examinations are held under strict surveillance of police officers and inspectors. 

When we started this school three years ago we had a vision. We didn't want that this school to be an elite private school but a school for everyone lead by the government. We wanted to show everyone that government schools can educate children as well as a private school can. Last year we decided that the 2nd form is able to do the work of 3rd and 4th form as well. Our plan was to let them graduate earlier and letting them take part in the national exams. 

The scores were incredible! We are the best school, out of 138 schools in our district. In our region we reached the second place, out of 649 school and from whole Tanzania we reached position 73 out of 16,657 participating schools!!!! In this huge number of schools private schools are included! Never in the whole history of Tanzania a governmental school reached first rank in our district! We are the best government school in whole Tanzania!!!! 

The kids were so ambitious, hard-working and active in the last months and it was honoured greatly! 

At this point we want to thank all sponsors who made this success possible! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Under the great coordination of teacher Julius we want to improve furthermore.

The class was invited to the Maasai Lodge, where we celebrated and relaxed the whole day!

A new generation of Maasai leader is growing...
A new class of  Maasai children is waiting for sponsors...