An accident in school

26.November 2015

Not too long ago we were forced to send cases like this boy, who broke his forearm in school, to the next hospital, they then would tell him that their x-ray machine is broken, this means driving for even more hours with a child in acute pain to Arusha. But since the hospital is closed in the afternoon, he would've to wait 'till the next morning. Unfortunately this is the usual fate of a child who writhes in pain.

But today everything was different!
Our lovely helpers brought this young boy to me, we x-rayed him and then Doctor Anthony made a plaster for the child. Munichi, one of our drivers, then drove him home. He might even be able to attend the report ceremony. 

It's a little miracle...thanks to our new x-ray!!!!

We can't heal complicated fractures yet but after our operating theater is finished we would be able to do that as well! We now know why this was worth all of our struggles. This boy, Silas, showed it again to us!