Separating waste in Momella

28.January 2016

Through our many patients and little restaurants at the side of the road, Momella started to develop a waste problem. We were searching for an ecological useful way for waste recycling and with that being a role model for other regions. 

Felix and Juanma gave the project a try and started to built a prototype for separating litter. 

 The old Maruti served perfectly as dustcart while our kids helped ambitiously to collect waste from the streets. After only a little time the whole car was filled with waste. We started to separate plastic from residual waste, maybe we go even further and separate metal as well. 

All of our waste will be collected in Arusha and recycled. You even get a little amount of money for transporting your separated waste there, with what we could pay for the transport fee. 

Charity appeal for everyone who is concerned with our environment, especially around the Nationalpark! We collect money for wast bins which are painted, of course by our children!

We want to spread awareness and hope to start a little change! There is absolutely no time to waste (pun intended) any more. In every little city, no matter how small, you can see and smell the waste on the streets. You see black plastic bags instead of bushes, waste instead of flowers. It can't go on like that.