Paolo came back from permaculture apprenticeship by Franko in Zanzibar

29.January 2016

Inspired by his teachers and the idea of sustainable ideas for our permaculture project Paolo came back from his apprenticeship "advanced permacuture" in Zanzibar. Franko even wrote to us: Dear all, it was great to have Paolo around. In my opinion Paulo is ready to teach others in Permaculture. He has clearly confidence in what he is doing and took often the lead in his class.

Special thanks to Sigrid and Teresa for your help in supporting Paolo. We want to start model gardens in Ngabobo. In untouched nature like there we can explain to the Maasai how they can plant tomatoes without using (the usual) amount of pesticides, further we can explain to them how important and healthy Morgina trees are for the children.  And who could do that better than Paolo...? 

Thank you Franko for leaving many positive marks here!