Our first cataract surgeries....

24.November 2018

A big day in our health center. Here are the latest photos:

20 patients are waiting for the cataract operation ...

18 of them were selected by Dr. Maro, who is in charge of the university eye clinic in Moshi. And he himself is going to operate the selectees in our hospital.

All materials, sponsored by the St Lucy foundation, are being examined. The A-Scan and the new surgical microscope were given a try.

Patients were examined ... admitted to the bed ward and operated on the same day.

On Sunday morning everybody was excited to get their bandages removed. Will we actually be able to see better?

Indescribable joy, radiant faces. Africa Amini, with the help of the St Lucy foundation, is restoring peoples vison!

And many more of these surgeries will now follow...