Please support us for the mentoring of our children!

In February 2013, Maasai women from Ngabobo came to us to ask for support. The pastor made the church available, we paid for the teachers, and more than 120 children have come to the Ngabobo Kindergarden every day. A blackboard and desk pads were donated and this is how one of the most touching projects, in remote Maasai Land, started.

The beginning: a kindergarden in a church

In the summer of 2013, another milestone was achieved for the children of Madebe. The Berggold family took care of them and enabled them to have a warm porridge meal every day. The Berggold family have become the coordinators of this school project, and are raising funds for the poorest children in North Tanzania, because they deserve the opportunity to receive an English-language education. Only in this way do the poor have a chance for a better future.

Great joy over the first step: porridge meals in the church!

It is truly amazing how hard the women strive for their children’s education. Only this is already a breakthrough and shows that the time is ripe for fundamental change. Education is one of the most important foundation pillars for help to be sustainable. The Maasai community supplied us with dilapidated colonial houses. This is enabling us to build proper school classrooms. After one year of provisional teaching in the church, it is now necessary to separate the children into three classes.

The collection campaign from the Berggold family meant the new buildings for the Maasai Vision Academy were ready in July 2014, and the children could move into their new classrooms.

Until recently they were dilapidated colonial houses. Now they are classrooms!

The action continues…we are now raising funds for the houses for teachers. With the completion of these houses, we would be able to receive teachers paid by the government.

We have already completed the first school sponsorships for 30 Euro … and so many children are still waiting for their sponsor parents.

Asante Sana!!!!