English-language partner school is not far ahead!

Africa Amini Alama not only sees itself as a charity project for the care of ill and deprived people, but wants to support people here to realise their full potential, so they will be able to experience the joy of embarking on a career that is meaningful and valuable to them. We are already taking care of several small projects with this in mind, such as the AAA Womens Cooperation or the offer of computer and English classes.

The children, who are accepted regardless from their social background and from different tribes such as the Maasai or Meru, are picked up from remote areas by bus and brought home after school.

Teaching is in English and matches the best international standards.

For 40 Euro per month, African children can go to a top quality, English speaking school that greatly enhance their future opportunities. This school is supported by British sponsors but is managed by an African team. The school is situated 15 minutes away from the Africa Amini Village and wants to accommodate Maasai children, but the families cannot pay for such a school fee. For this reason, we are looking for sponsors.

The chiefs from the surrounding villages have already selected on behalf of Africa Amini Alama 25 children... They all now wait for sponsors who can provide them with the opportunity of an English-language education.

This project can enable many children in this area to have a chance for a better future, which their parents, even if they wanted to, cannot offer them because of financial issues and their own educational background. These children are those who will be an asset to their country with their capabilities, communication skills and openness to other countries…