The tailoring workshop for women in Momella started in 2011 with basic training in design and dress-making. During a three-year course, Mrs Reinhild Wendl has taught students advanced techniques in tailoring. At the end of 2014 the students received their Veta graduation certificate and, with the support of volunteers and assignments from Africa Amini Alama, they managed to be the first of our projects to become independent.

Since April 2011, our tailoring workshop for women has been operating with great energy and enjoyment. The students rejoice over their accomplishments and the improved position in their families. Mrs Wendl, chief designer and former fashion designer for Adelmüller, has taken this group of women into her heart and helps them to perfect their creations. The aim is to let the women work independently, and to enable them to earn an income by tailoring school uniforms and new designs. A container of donated cloth will support them in this regard…

Meanwhile the group of women is divided into groups of one or two tailors, according to experience and skill. For every group there are different products to do, so that less skilled students have a chance to fulfil a commission. At the end of 2014 they received the official Veta-certificate, after they completed successfully the state-approved examination.

These women have gained self-confidence, a good standing in their families and many friends are very pleased with their accomplishments. They are proud to be able to earn a modest income to support their families.