We drive into far remote Maasai territories, to offer on-site medical help.

We aim to treat illnesses before they develop into serious pathologies and help those, particularly women and children, for whom the two-day trip to the next hospital ward would be insurmountable.

Numerous patients are often already waiting; hence, we prioritize first and foremost emergency cases and children.

Antibiotics and pain-killing drugs are most useful but we also try to help with other methods such as Laser, Scenar or acupuncture that are easy to use with great success in the “Bush”.

Most days the “Driving Doctors” transport at least three or four patients to the in-patient ward of Africa Amini Alama so that they can receive treatment. We are desperately in need of another car so that we can transport even more patients.

Please support us to collect funds to pay for the necessary fuel, or even to buy another car.

We can guarantee that the financial support will reach those who need it most, and exclusively those people.

“Asante sana” (Swahili for “Thank you very much”) from the many patients who have received the prompt treatment they required.

Die Hilfe kommt sicherlich dort an, wo sie am dringensten benötigt wird und sonst keiner hinkommt. Das können wir Ihnen versprechen...

Asante sana im Namen der vielen Patienten die rechtzeitig Behandlung erfahren.