The projects of Africa Amini Alama are exclusively situated in very rural, poor areas, where many families are in distress, particularly when droughts occur. We try to pick up those hardship cases and to help, where neither the state nor the family clan can provide assistance.

In our orphanage we have given 40 children a new home, support young boys with football talent but without a supporting family. We have created women's groups in Maasai and Meru land and help many families in distress by providing them with food or clothes, or by helping them build a house so they can be protected from the cold and rain. These are often families where a single or widowed mother is responsible for the survival of her four to eight children.

Especially in the Maasai regions there are acute water shortages and so we started a series of water projects. We provided the Maasai from Ngabobo, Madebe and Ongontukoiti with the cleanest drinking water from the Kilimandjaro.

Momella, a little village on the border of the Arusha national park, has a very special vegetation and we are helping people there to preserve this unique natural treasure in the future. This is reflected in our permaculture projects.

Everyone can provide sponsorship or a donation to support some of the poorest children on earth, families in distress and other social projects.