In the context of our medical activities, we see over and over again that the majority of illnesses are due to a deficient or unbalanced diet. Especially women and children, who are often the last ones who eat, suffer from symptoms of physical deficiency and a weakened immune system. Life is often a struggle for survival.

Because of this hardship, we feel a duty to help these families in acute distress. People get free drinking water, which is prepared with a special filter system from Europe. Unfortunately, we are confronted more and more with undernourishment in families during times of drought.

During the past few years, Africa Amini Alama has become both a medical and an educational centre in the Arumeru District. Patients wait in front of the hospital ward, hungry from the lengthy and exhausting journey, or having not had a full meal for a long time.

Medication is part of the healing process. However, often the most important thing is a stay in our inpatient ward to receive, for a few days, adequate food and survive the critical situation. Time and time again, children come from the village to eat a free meal at our restaurant.

In addition, we support many families in the village with regular meals and clothes and in hardship cases we build them houses or toilets, or we supply them with chicken or goats so they can provide for their families and feed them.

Moreover, we care for patients who, because of distance or illness, are unable to visit the Health Centre. Often every minute counts and rapid action is indispensable for urgently required surgical interventions or when a childbirth shows complications. The costs for just four transports per week amount to around 600 Euro per month, and we lack the funds for this at the moment.

On this account, we would be pleased for every support/donation received, so as to continue helping families in distress in the whole region.