Your personal sponsorship in Africa

To sponsor a child here in Tanzania/Africa is a hugely satisfying task. The child you are sponsoring can receive, with your help, a new loving home or high quality schooling.

In future many changes are likely to take place for the generation that is now growing up. This makes it even more important to secure a better future for these children. Our projects focus on children from impoverished families who have the desire to grasp the opportunity that is offered and make good use of it.

More than just a sponsorship of children

To receive an English speaking education is only possible for rich children here and the social structure is not likely to change in the future. However, if we can offer the children who are not supported by their families a good education, this will one day have a big impact on their whole family. You can facilitate this with your sponsorship of a child.

Take on a sponsorship in Africa

Your contribution brings big hopes for changes in the future to one of the poorest regions in the world. Give the opportunity to one child to lead a better life one day. We will send you a photo and information of your sponsored child and the school he/she attends.

Please contact our sponsorship co-ordinator Johanna on or +43 677 625 698 93 with regard to the child you wish to sponsor.

Sponsorships and donations are tax deductible.

We keep our sponsors regularly informed, or: come yourself to visit the child you sponsor.

You will be kept informed by us regularly about the child you sponsor (photos, drawings, letters etc). We at AAA also invite our sponsors to personally get to know the child! This makes us stand out as a small, but very personal organisation with a big heart. There are wonderful accommodations available and the bonus is: all proceeds go 100% to our aid projects. Furthermore, you can combine your visit with a safari, mountain tour (Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Mukuru) enjoy the culture (Maasai, Meru), have a relaxing holiday and more. Further information can be found on or you can contact us on

We also offer special organized low prized trips for our sponsors, to visit their godchild at its home, school and personal environment.

If you are interested, please contact us, we will gladly send you detailed information and upcoming dates for those trips: (Michael) or by phone +43 664 452 66 67

Asanta Sana / Many thanks from all our children!

The following options are available: