Lehrerfortbildung mit Tal Asher

7.May 2018

Eine Woche war Tal wieder bei uns und hielt auch wieder ein Lehrerseminar ab. Tal Asher begleitet unsere Schulen nun schon seit ein paar Jahren.

Hier ein persönlicher Kommentar von ihr:

On Saturday, 21.4.18, the third seminar was held within the framework of Tal Asher's project to improve teachers' teaching methods. 

The first seminar dealt with focusing on students' positive behaviors. 

The second seminar in understanding the existence of different learning styles and adapting teaching methods to them and in the third seminar we learned about learning disabilities, how it is reflected in the classroom and how it is right to relate to them. 

All the seminars were attended by nearly 30 teachers from the three schools of the organization, and there was significant learning. later on, there were implemented successfully in the classrooms. Through exercises teachers have experienced how a child feels with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. Everyone said they did not know that this is the way it is and that from now on they will be more patient and understandive to children with difficulties in reading, writing and math.