A life’s work that has finally come to fruition…..

Even in her childhood, my mother felt the call to Africa. 

A turbulent life forced my mother to grow up quickly and trust in her innermost thoughts and feelings.  For her healing came from within and this has been a central philosophy to our healing practice over the last 20 years. 

In 2007, a trip to Africa caused my mother’s love for the continent to blossom and she decided that it was the right time to start something new.  Seeing that the local community which she was visiting were in desperate need of a medical facility, she decided to build one here in Tanzania.

My mother threw herself into the project heart and soul; committing both personally and financially to the project.   In addition to the medical facilities, the projects multiplied and many small initiatives grew into what we now know as Africa Amini Alama.

We have been helped in this venture by so many people from Africa and Europe together providing a network of strength, love and trust which underpins all our work.

With the support of our sponsors and donors – who give not only financial help but also give generously of time and energy – we will carry on this work so that our African community can harvest an independent future from the seeds that together, we continue to plant.

Danke für Ihre Unterstützung!

„Vertrauen ist die Basis der Initiative „Africa Amini Alama“, so DDr. Christine Wallner, die den Verein 2009 ins Leben gerufen hat. Sie lebt direkt vor Ort und leitet den Verein gemeinsam mit ihrer Tochter Mag. Dr. Cornelia Wallner-Frisee mit großem Herzen und unermüdlichem Einsatz. „Wir realisieren dies mit Unterstützung von Spendern und Helfern und freuen uns über jede Unterstützung."


Wir suchen Paten

Viele unserer Kinder warten aktuell auf einen liebevollen Paten. Jede Patenschaft trägt dazu bei, die Zukunft der Menschen in eine der ärmsten Gebiete der Welt zu verbessern.

Gerne senden wir Ihnen ein Foto und Informationen zu Ihrem Patenkind.

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