We are honoured to be able to continue running our medical centre here in Tanzania.  Having founded the centre in 2008, we are proud to have expanded the initiative - initially using our own money and subsequently with the generous help of our sponsors and donors – to become a medical facility employing over 60 staff and offering basic medical care to over 20,000 people per year.

In addition to the medical assistance which we offer, we also offer education to the local community via three local junior schools and one secondary school, apprenticeships in trades such as carpentry, bricklaying, mechanics and tailoring, and vital community assistance by way of our orphanage and emergency social care facilities.

Our projects give employment to over 200 local people and education to over 1000 local children and young adults every year.

Whilst we continue to help those in greatest need, our fundamental mission is to help people to help themselves. To offer them that initial bit of help that allows them to continue their journey independently and create a future of their own for themselves and for their community. 

Your donations help us to help others.  

Asante sana.  Thank you.

Donations which are tax-deductible (click to read further)

In November 2012 AAA was given tax relief status in Austria by the BMF (Ministry of Finance) and is listed on their website under registration No SO 2336. Your donation is therefore tax deductible.

Our donation accounts

International & Austria

Africa Amini Alama
IBAN: AT141200051846031508

Roentgengasse 3/3,
1170 Vienna

Bank Name and Adress:
Bank Austria,
Schottengasse 6-8,
1010 Vienna


Africa Amini Alama
IBAN: DE96500333001274306000

Dankwartsgrube 36-38,
23552 Lübeck

Bank Name and Adress:
Santander Bank,
Am Klingenberg 6-9,
23552 Lübeck


Africa Amini Alama
IBAN: CH7700777008613824640

Luzernerstrasse 9,
6403 Kuessnacht SZ

Bank Name and Address:
Schwyzer Kantonalbank,
Postfach 576,
6403 Kuessnacht am Rigi


Friends of Africa Amini Alama Account: 6799165646
Routing#: 021000089

Bank Address:
100 Citibank Dr., San Antonio, TX 78245

Donations are tax deductable in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

Important Information

If you donate by transfer to our donation account as stated above 100% go to Africa Amini Alama.

For donations by our donation form (below) we have to pay following fees:

PayPal:           3,4 % + 0,35 Euro per donation
Debit:            2 %
credit card:      3,2 % + 0,38 Euro per donation

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Strict controls and supervision guarantee the integrity of our organisation. Your donation reaches its intended destination. Donations can be made by transfers to our accountdonation form (see below) by PayPal, direct debit andby credit card.

If you have any questions, please contact us - also if you require a receipt.

ASANTE SANA / MANY THANKS for your support from all the AAA team!

Final tip: Come and visit us

We can offer interested parties the opportunity to visit us in Tanzania. Get an idea of our work, our projects and see the shining eyes of the locals – at the front the children. We can offer 4 very beautiful accommodations and what is special about them is all proceeds go to our projects (charitable tourism). All Revenues go to the Africa Amini Alama Projekts (Charitable Tourism). You can find out more on

We look forward to your visit!