CORONA UPDATE: Covid-19 Emergency Package

24.April 2020

Tourism has come to a standstill and so has the country‘s economy. The people here are afraid - not only fear for their health and whether they can protect themselves from the virus, but it is the existential fears that shake them to their core. Many can no longer earn a living. The families of our school kids are also affected. Especially them, because they belong to the poorest in the area. This is where we want to help - our children and their families: A team consisting of our teachers and social workers goes proactively to each family in need and brings 


Our teachers have prepared exercise sheets for the school kids so that they can continue learning even though the schools are closed. Our social workers inform about reasonable protective measures to protect the families from being infected by the virus.


Masks, soap: Especially for mothers who have to go to the market to get the necessary food or fathers who are dependent on their day-to-day work. They have to earn money in order to survive until the next day. Baobab and Moringa: Vitamin-rich baobab fruits and moringa leaves to strengthen the immune system and to be less susceptible to a possible infection. Seeds and small home-grown Moringa seedlings so that families can plant their own Moringa tree. We distribute all our supplies from our own Moringa farm and continue to harvest. Amaranth or millet powder as the most important supplier of B-vitamins and zinc for the children as strengthening morning porridge.

- EAT,

because without beans and corn, a family cannot survive here.

Social worker Mike, teacher Samson and teacher Boke with a family in Mwakey and Momella. The children want to continue their studies. The regular supply of exercise sheets helps them with it and shows them: We are with you. You are not alone.

Teacher Imelda in Madebe handing out dried Moringa leaves and small Moringa trees. Imelda: „Many mothers were frightened when they saw me with my mask on and the children ran away from me. I had to explain to them why they have to protect themselves when they go to the market.“ The knowledge about Covid-19 has not yet reached all Maasai regions, but the virus does not wait to be recognized ... people need to be informed in time.

Paolo explains the use of Moringa and how to put on the protective masks in the Maasai region.

Robert, our school coordinator, is distributing school exercises. Paolo hands over another moringa tree - supervised by benevolent authorities. The safety distance must be guaranteed.

How can I help?

Covid-19 emergency package: 45 Euro

- Protective mask
- soap - Baobab and Moringa as multivitamin
- corn, beans, millet
- exercise sheets from school

I will survive with multivitamins, food and education! ASANTE SANA


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