Mama Alama is asking for your help!

31.May 2018

"Our schools encourages open hearts and bright minds. Our future needs open hearts and bright minds. Please donate some money for the urgently needed development of our school project Pamoja Secondary & High School."
DDr. Christine Wallner, founder of Africa Amini Alama

Why many children now need the Pamoja Secondary School

1. Promote knowledge & open hearts
The first children of Africa Amini Alama Primary Schools are approaching the end of primary education. Now it's time to take the next step and give them the opportunity to attend secondary school. We want to further promote the knowledge and open hearts of our children.
2. Practical-creative thinking at a high level
Our approximately 1000 children are used to think in terms of practical creativity. The children are already being encouraged to be creative and think practically in the three primary schools. This should also be the case in the secondary Pamoja Secondary School.
3. English-language training for destitute families without baton!
Unfortunately, the government schools transfer knowledge at a very low level and only in the national language Swahili (!). The baton is also still a topic - but not with us! Together [Pamoja] we can provide children from poor families with high-quality English-language education.
4. No secondary school in the area

There is no secondary school in the area - another reason why the children urgently need the Pamoja Secondary School. In addition, better private schools would be too expensive.
5. In May all donations will be doubled!

An anonymous donor has agreed to double all donations in May. Let us use this unique opportunity!
6. Requires 4x4 classrooms
Our goal is ~ 128,000 euros for 4x4 classrooms, with 1x4 classrooms costing ~ 32,000. This is followed by the furnishings, sanitary facilities, kitchen and administration room. We can start this in January 2019.
Donating money and promoting open hearts and smart minds!
With your help, a showcase project is created. This is very important for the future of many children. With your donation, you will give a chance to many children which they would not have otherwise and this will encourage open hearts and bright minds.


1. DONATION ACCOUNT (100% go directly to us, donations deductible)
Password: PAMOJA

IBAN: AT141200051846031508

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We are happy to enter your name, the name of the donor or the company’s name manually at (on request with personal words).


Depending on the method of payment, 1.2 to 3.2% of the fees will be charged on the specially created page. Therefore direct transfer would be ideal for the project.


Danke / Thank You / Asante / Ashe!

DDr. Christine Wallner
Founder - Africa Amini Alama