An understandings of respective cultures brings us closer. A common language builds bridges. With English-language and computer classes we can share knowledge and create national and international friendships.

With help from the Hill Foundation, we have already begun offering young, interested people the possibility to undertake an intensive computer training course. The classes are held in our Computer Centre (established in September 2013), with employment opportunities following completion of the course.

In a region where the most common occupation is farming, it is becoming increasingly common for young people to feel passionate about the benefits and opportunities of technology and wishing to explore these in depth.

Our electrical power comes exclusively from solar panels. This area is mostly “off grid” electricity, so we want to lead the way and show people production methods of energy that will enable them to be independent from diesel-powered generators.

In the morning, the Computer Centre is used to teach children from neighbouring schools and our own school; and in the afternoon we offer computer classes for adults.

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