Our work in education started in July 2012 with the construction of an English-speaking primary school in one of the most remote Maasai areas in Northern Tanzania. Within one month, 130 children were learning with our teachers… in the local church building. They wanted to start learning even when the school had not yet been built!

Our newly built school building was opened in November 2012.  This was the first English speaking middle school in a Maasai area. The Secretary of State for Education made his first ever visit to the Maasai Land to attend the opening ceremony – an event forever remembered in the region’s history.

Hundreds of Maasai from the surrounding area attended the opening ceremony in what was a festival atmosphere. From that moment on parents and children had access to the highest-quality teaching.   Government officials are highly appreciative of this work and value their collaboration with Africa Amini Alama not only in the field of medicine but now in the field of education too.

Now officially, according to government leagues tables, the best school in the district and ranked 40 out of 16,000 schools in Tanzania, 270 Maasai girls and boys now attend the school every day. With the support of “A Heart for Children” we now have a computer room complete with special teaching computers, a school bus and a school garden. With additional fundraising we also build additional classrooms and a house for the teachers.

Maasai children who are between 5 and 14 years old and who come from the poorest families have now their own school premises and will receive an education that is usually reserved for the elite in Tanzania – we are so happy for them!

Please help us to maintain this standard of education for our children: with a sponsorship of just 30€ a month, we can make sure that another Maasai child has the chance of decent future.

Please reach out to our sponsorship counsellors: patenschaften

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

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