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As the eldest of our Africa Amini Alama Primary School children were nearing the end of their primary education, it was time for them to take the next step and go on to secondary school. But in this locality, there was no secondary school for them to go to.

A high quality, English language education is key to a bright future in Tanzania, and, is not a given for the poorer families in our community. And so, heartened by the success of our primary schools, the Maasai parents and wider community suggested that, together, we develop a secondary school as well.  

With the local community taking the initiative, we therefore embarked upon taking the next step with our children, and, with the help of our generous sponsors, we built a brand new school…our Pamoja Secondary School.

The Pamoja School is a boarding school so not only did we have to build classrooms but also dormitories and staff quarters too. But, after much building and hard work, we now have a fully functioning secondary school with not only a great academic curriculum but also a varied program for the children during the holidays and at the weekends too. A great achievement!

Would you like to help a Pamoja student?  You can help sponsor our secondary age children for just € 65 per child per month.  This covers all their education and boarding costs.

If you have any questions, please contact our sponsorship coordinator Johanna Auer at or at +43 677 62569893.

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