The tailoring workshop for women in Momella started in 2011 with the first set of students graduating with their Veta graduation certificate in 2014.   During the three year course which culminates in a state-approved examination, students move from basic design and dress making skills through to more advanced tailoring techniques.  All this thanks to the help and tuition of Mrs Reinhild Wendl.   With the support of volunteers and thanks to commercial assignments given to the workshop by Africa Amini Alama, this was the first of our projects to become self-sufficient.

The tailoring workshop is a source of great pride and joy for the women participants.  The aim is to allow women to work independently and thus give them the opportunity to earn an income and, in turn improve the situation of their families. 

The group is divided up into sub-groups depending on skills and experience.  Each group will make a different product enabling even those students who are less skilled to fulfil a commercial order as they improve their skills and experience.

Our women tailors gain in self-confidence and both friends and family delight in and take pride in their accomplishments.  They are proud to earn a modest income which helps support their families.

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