With the help of Dr Worseg and the Schubert Rotary Club, we opened the Worseg Vision English Medium Academy in February 2013.

300 children spread across 3 Montessori Classes (kindergarten/pre school)  and 7 academic years(Classes 1-7) now attend this school.

Since its opening, the school has been extended further to incorporate three additional classrooms and toilets.

Working in close cooperation with the government, the school is managed as a Public-Private Partnership.  This partnership means that the teachers are hired and partially paid for by the Tanzanian authorities, with Africa Amini Alama paying any extra amounts and meeting all the additional costs of the school.

In addition to their normal tuition, the children from the upper two classes also have one hour of computer lessons per week, one reading class in the library, an hour’s music class and courses in environmental studies during which they can take the opportunity of working in the school garden.

All children should be taught creativity, independent thinking and have fun whilst they learn.

The motto of our school is “School of joy and knowledge – the road to our dreams”.   In order that we can live up to that motto for our children, the fundraising continues and this is where you can help. To sponsor a child through school costs just €30 per month… please help us and donate.  Your generous contributions, however small, will make dreams come true.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

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