Our projects are situated exclusively in poor, rural areas where many families experience distress, particularly when droughts occur. In cases of extreme hardship where neither the state nor extended family can help, we try to lend a hand.

The needs of the community can be wide ranging and therefore so is the help we give.  

In our “Kindervilla” we have given 40 children a new home. 

We have created women’s groups in both the Maasai and Meru lands. 

For those families in need – often families where a single or widowed mother is responsible for the survival of her and her children - we might provide everything from food and clothing through to help with building a house in order to provide shelter from the cold and the rain. 

In the Maasai regions there are acute water shortages, so we started a series of water projects to provide clean drinking water directly from Mount Kilimanjaro.  We have provided this for communities in Ngabobo, Madebe and Ongontukoiti.

It is important for us to preserve the unique vegetation found around Momella, a small village on the edge of the Arusha National Park, for future generations.  We are doing this via our permaculture projects.

Donations and support for these local projects helps some of our poorest families, so we appreciate any help that you can give.