Children step on glass fragments, cows die from eating plastic carrier bags, giraffes get injured on cans …

Along the streets and unfortunately also in the national park, rubbish is thrown carelessly – environmental awareness is often lacking here.

It is important to teach children from an early age, to encourage good habits and put good values into practice: in cooperation with the Arusha National park, Africa Amini Alama organised a day for environmental protection in Momella.

More than 90 children from Momella met at Africa Amini Alama. Cars from the national park drove the children to the park.

Three hours later, they returned – with bags full of garbage. You could see that they had had fun, their eyes sparkled and they looked proud. Every child received a handful of sweets for each full bag of garbage. The garbage was collected and burnt.

It was a memorable and hopefully sustainable day. “When can we do this again?” was a frequently asked question. The children had a lot of fun and perhaps they will teach their parents not to throw away garbage carelessly.

A small step, but we will carry on …

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