So often, we find that the medical issues we are dealing with are a result of a deficient or unbalanced diet; women and children who are often the last ones to eat, are especially likely to suffer both physical illness and/or have a weakened immune system.  Life is sometimes a struggle for survival, especially in times of drought when undernourishment is particularly acute.

Whilst medication is part of the healing process, for those families suffering extreme hardship, often the most important thing we can do to get them through a critical period is to offer a few days’ supply of food and clean water, or perhaps a free meal in our restaurant.

In addition to this emergency help, we support many families in the village with regular meals and clothes, we help them build houses and toilets or perhaps provide a chicken or goat in order to help them start providing for themselves in the future. 

Your donations allow us to continue helping families in distress so we are grateful for any small amount you can give. Just 25€ per month allows us to donate a nutritious food package to those most in need.  Please help.

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