In November 2012, our Kindervilla was built with the help and supervision of Dr Helga Schiller. It provides a home for up to 40 children from Momella and the surrounding area.

The children are taken care of by two “house mothers”, one “house father” and two assistants. The love and care that the children receive is outstanding and it is a pleasure to see the strong bond between new “siblings”; a sense that the children really feel like they have found a new home.    Traumas experienced in early childhood slowly heal as the children gain in self-confidence, growing up in this secure, child-friendly environment.

We have children of all ages living at the Kindervilla. They receive nutritious local food along with vitamins to boost their immune system.  Solar lamps in their rooms provide light to study and play.  All of our children attend our English speaking Worseg Vision school….and love it!

The children, who come from the remote areas of both Maasai and Meru territories, may come from different tribes but today they live together as brothers and sisters.

Why not sponsor one of our children and experience with them the joy of having a new home. For just 90€ per month, you can offer a child not just a loving home and nutritious meals, but also a top quality education at our local school.  Please give generously.  Every little helps. 

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