Your personal sponsorship in Africa


Much of our funding comes from people personally sponsoring a child or a project here in Tanzania.  With your help, we can give the children here in Tanzania the education and support they need for a bright and happy future.

Here are some examples of the positive impact you could make:


You will be kept regularly informed about the child that you sponsor via email and our social media outlets (links to website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube). 

Families in Need


Want more information?  All you need to know about becoming a sponsor can be found here (Download PDF).

Sponsorships and donations are tax deductible

Why not come and visit us too; see in person how much your support matters?

We have fantastic accommodation available on site so why not combine a visit to our projects with a safari, a mountain tour or just relax and enjoy the culture of your Maasai and Meru hosts?  100% of the proceeds from your holiday will go to help our aid projects.  Find out more on or contact our tourism coordinator: Georgina Ruo at   Welcome to Momella – Karibu sana!

Why not become a sponsor now and help change someone’s future? 

Here’s how the Tittling School chose to help……

Case Study:  „Pupils for pupils“ by Regina Kiel

This was the campaign slogan for the fundraising initiative run by Tittling school for Africa Amini Alama. 
„My daughter Marie and I came to Momella in February to decide how to best use the funds raised by our school.  Amongst other things, we decided to sponsor a girl in Year 6, Joyce Zebedayo.  It’s great for us to know that her education is secure right through to Year 11.  Whilst here, we visited the different schools and it was great to find out how things are taught in Tanzania.  When it was time to say goodbye, it was really difficult for us."