General information regarding volunteering with Africa Amini Alama in Tanzania.


Areas of Operation

We are looking for experienced, motivated, dedicated and skilled volunteers for the varied fields of work with Africa Amini Alama:

·         Hospital

·         Primary School

·         Children’s Villa (Orphanage)

·         Fundi-Centre (skilled crafts centre for brick layers, mechanics and carpenters)

Details regarding the various facilities can be found under www.africaaminialama.com

In order to support our medical staff, our teachers, trainers and carers, we need volunteer helpers from the fields of medicine (doctors & nurses), education (teachers, student teachers, kindergarten teachers and social workers) as well as qualified tradespeople such as carpenters, bricklayers and mechanics.  We would also welcome people with a business background who can help us with the development and implementation of organizational projects as well as help in the fields of tourism (Africa Amini Maasai Lodge) and permaculture.

Background to Tanzania

Tanzania is famous for its incomparable countryside and friendly inhabitants. The climate in Tanzania is hot the whole year round, however nights can become quite chilly. The months of April, May, (long rainy season) and July and August could be called “autumn and winter” months. Tanzania belongs to the ‘politically secure’ countries of Africa. The time difference is 2 hours during the European winter time and 1 hour in summer.

Africa Amini Alama’s headquarters is in Momella- a village 1.600 meters above sea level situated between Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro. Internally, these headquarters are divided into two areas:

·         Dispensary Area:

In this area you will find: hospital, laboratory, mother-child unit, dentist, optician, operation and x-ray unit, doctors’ accommodation, library, sewing centre, primary school, restaurant, voluntary helpers’ accommodation, Children’s Villa, Hotelini (tourist accommodation) and Africa Amini Alama’s main office.

·         Office Area

·         The office building is approx. 20 minutes on foot from the dispensary and is roughly 150m higher. Here there are 2 guest houses and 2 guest tents.


The destination airport is Kilimanjaro International Airport near Arusha. KLM (via Amsterdam), Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul), Ethiopian Airlines (via Addis Abeba) or Qatar Airlines (via Doha) are the most used routes. KLM and Turkish Airlines allow 2x23kg luggage free, reservations can be relatively easily altered; flights leave daily. In case your luggage weighs less than the allowed amount, please contact our office in Vienna (office@africaaminialama.com) perhaps you can help us to transport much needed equipment for our project to Tanzania. For €50 we can organise transport from the airport to us. You will be picked up directly from the arrival area.


To be able to work as a volunteer with Africa Amini Alama you need a business visa, costing $250 for a 3 month period. Depending on your country of origin, you can acquire this visa either directly at the airport in Tanzania or in advance at the Tanzanian Embassy of your home country. Your passport has to be valid for at least another 6 months after your departure from Tanzania.  

To receive your visa, please give following address:

Africa Amini Alama (AAA)
PO Box 733 Usa River
In Momella Village
Ngare Nanuki Ward

Vaccinations & Medicaments

Institutes of tropical medicine and your general practitioner will give you useful information with regard to vaccinations and travel first aid kits, which should be put together according to your personal needs. The following vaccinations are recommended by most tropical medicine institutes:

·    Hepatitis A+B
* Meningococcus- Meningitis
·    Tetanus
* Yellow Fever (only necessary in Zanzibar, not in Tanzania)
* Malaria (as prophylaxis tablets such as Malarone should be in your travel first aid kit. Should you feel any signs of Malaria coming on, 3-4 tablets should be taken daily. However, this seldom happens.)
> Polio
> Typhus
> Rabies
> Cholera


There are various possibilities available for travel, sickness and property insurance.

·         Credit card: providing the journey was paid via credit card when booking the journey via your travel agent

·         European Travel Insurance

·         Touring Club Travel Insurance (depending of country of origin)

·         State or private health insurance coverage 

Please decide for yourself which type of insurance is the best for your needs. Be sure to read the small print in all cases!


We recommend that you take dollars or Euro with you. In Arusha, the next larger town, you can exchange foreign currency into Tanzanian Shillings (TSH=local currency) Tanzania also has cash points. However cash is only paid out in Tsh.

Exchange rate as guideline:

1€ = 2.000 Tsh
1$ = 1.500 Tsh

The exchange rate in Tanzania is more favourable than in Europe. Large bills (50, 100, 200, 500 bills) have a better exchange rate. It’s still not common to pay by credit card in Tanzania. It’s most important to adjust to this.


The volunteer accommodation is located in the dispensary area as described above.  Depending on how many volunteers we have on site at any one time, volunteers may also be housed in a tent or a room in our volunteer house.  If you are working in the orphanage we may choose to accommodate you there on site.  In the volunteer accommodation there is a kitchen with basic crockery and a single ring gas stove (run off a propane gas bottle), a WC and a cold water shower.  The kitchen and bathroom/toilets are also used by those staying in the tents.  For hygiene purposes, please bring flip-flops or beach sandals with you, along with your own toiletries and cosmetics.   Toilet roll, soap etc can be bought in the local shops.  However, if you suffer from sensitive skin, we recommend you bring your own soap products.  There are plastic tubs and bowls available for laundry.   A mosquito net is not absolutely necessary but if you are afraid of spiders and beetles, it is a good idea to use one as this will ensure a more peaceful night!

·   Volunteer House 1

Kitchen, bath, 2 single rooms, cold water

€1 per day/person or €3 per day for the whole house

·   Volunteer Tent

Use of kitchen and bath in volunteer house 1

2 beds

€1 per day/person

·    Volunteer House 2

House half with 2 rooms (one with double bed, one with single)

Shared living room, kitchen and bath with warm water

€5 per day/person or €10 per day for the whole house

·         Children’s Villa (Orphanage)

·         1 room, warm water,

·         €1 per day/person


Cooking faciliites are available should you wish to prepare your own food.

In the neighbouring village of Ngarenanyuki (approx. 15 min by car or 40 min on foot), there are a reasonable number of shops where you can buy most day to day items.  Friday is market day when you can buy fruit, fresh vegetables etc. You cannot drink water from the tap. Africa Amini Alama provides its guests, patients and employees with free drinking water from a water filter facility belonging to the dispensary compound.

At our “ In-house” restaurant you can buy breakfast, main meals, or snacks at very reasonable prices.

Clothing, Climate and Project Times

Momella lies at 1.600m; therefore it usually cools down in the evening and during the night. Long trousers, pullovers and rain jackets are a must! Strong walking shoes/boots are also a necessity for the many possible hiking treks or trips in the surrounding countryside as well as for the poor road conditions in country areas.

In Tanzania it is not common for women to wear shorts or miniskirts. Please bring long or three quarter length trousers with you. Clothing should be robust and be able to stand up to permanent sun radiation and dust.







hottest month





coldest month























Warm/short rainy season

Hot/short rainy season









There are computers with internet available in the library.   Generally speaking, internet is extremely slow here.  In most cases, large attachments cannot be downloaded, nor can large photos so, before you leave, please advise friends or relatives not to send any attachments of over 1MB. The upload of large photos is also very difficult or often impossible.

If you have your own laptop you can buy an Internet stick from one of the various telephone providers (Vodacom, Airtel) for approx.€20. Data capacity for one month costs approx €15 (25.000-30.000TSH)

Handy/Cell Phones

European networks may not function here.  For example, the Austrian networks (other than A1) do not work here.  You can bring an unlocked handy (cell phone) (no contract) or buy a handy (cell phone) on the spot (from about 20.000 TSH).

There are 4 telephone providers in Tanzania: Vodacom, Airtel, Tigo and Zantel. A SIM card costs around 2.000Tsh. Cell phone vouchers can be bought in the village of Ngarenanyuki or in the shop next to the Africa Amini Alama restaurant. Local calls via a local provider are very reasonable. Flat rates from the above mentioned providers are also available. Practically everyone owns a cell phone so it’s the easiest way to communicate.  You can make international calls with a local SIM card, however these cost approx. 1.000 Tsh per minute.


There are no power supply lines in Momella.  All of our buildings are equipped with their own solar panels.  In the accommodation buildings, these are sufficient to power the electric lights and to charge small items such as phone, camera batteries and laptops.  Larger items such as hair dryers or electric kettles cannot be used.  We recommend you bring with you a multi-function plug adaptor and any electric cables with you.


Most of the people with whom you will have contact to in and around Africa Amini Alama, speak English. In the larger towns you can also use English. In country areas it is much more difficult. The official language in Tanzania is Kiswahili.

Useful things to take with you

String, penknife, bottle opener, corkscrew, sellotape+ packing tape, scissors, writing paper and pens, paper handkerchiefs, mosquito spray, sun blocker, torch with reserve batteries, headlamp, washing line, pegs,.....

If you have further questions, please contact our voluntary assistant Noemi Glaser who will be glad to help you.

Africa Amini Alama

Noemi Glaser
Volunteer Coordination

@ volunteer@africaaminialama.com

+4367763748442 (also via WhatsApp)